2018 Fall Crown Tournament

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Friday, October 18

Crown Tournament will be held in Green. Green is heated. Mozelle is heated.

Thursday, October 18

Mozelle Hall added. See Fairgrounds Map for updated detail map.

Hall details: Both halls are heated. Restrooms for Green: out the center (north) door (maintenance end) facing cafe, restrooms to right in front of you. Restrooms in Mozelle. Coffee bar in Mozelle. Merchants in Mozelle.

• Parking central to both Mozelle and Green. Handicapped parking moved to Mozelle. HC guests may be dropped off at either building prior to parking if needed

• Combatants Parking added. Please, only combatants here. Supporters/household are asked to take advantage of general parking.

• There is no lunch tavern/lunch service. Guests are welcome to bring in or check out the list of nearby quick serve options under the Lunch Options link above.

• DAY CAMPS updated. See link in drop-down.

• DAY SCHEDULE updated. See link in drop-down or scroll below.

• Please note: THE SITE IS DRY.


Event Fees

Preregistration is now closed.

Adult Day of Event Registration (18+): $17
Adult Day of Registration Member Discount Registration (18+): $12
Youth Day of Event Registration (ages 7 to 17) : $6
Child Day of Event Registration (0-5): Free
Family Cap Registration: $35
Feast: $12 all ages.

Service animals only. No pets, please. Only service animals will be permitted on site.

LUNCH OPTIONS: A list of quick-serve and other restaurants linked here under Lunch Options. Crown Tournament guests are also permitted to bring food on site. Please be aware that there is no water in the tournament building.

The Facebook Event/Discussion is https://www.facebook.com/events/265062397453202/


The List of Combatants

Duke Palymar of the Two Baronies inspires The Honorable Captain Magrat Catte
Duchess Kateryn Bronwyn of Gloucester inspires Duke Edmund of Hertford
Duchess AnneMarie De Garmeaulx inspires Duke Dag Thorgrimmson
Countess Tessa of Wight inspires Earl Lutr Ulfskjald
Countess Serena Kimbalwyke inspires Count Nikolai Gregorivich Petrov
Viscountess Ísgerðr Gulkárr inspires Sir Kjartan Eikbrandrson
Mistress Alina of Foxwood inspires Sir Midair MacCormaic
Mistress Giovanna Adamari inspires Sir Gregoire de Lyon
Mualim Asalah Al-Hina inspires Sir Balthasar Thiadbold
Master Azriel le Fay inspires Sir Gebhard Rauten
Master Katarina Peregrine inspires Sarjeant Albrecht von Strausbourg
Dame Soffya von Kulp inspires Sir Nickolas of Wicklow
Baroness Maddie McRae inspires Master Zygmunt Nadratowski
al Shyka JahanAra bint al-Yehya Amat al-Hafeeza inspires The Honorable Captain Bjarg Kormaksson
Her Ladyship Odette d’Amboise inspires The Honorable Captain Dyderich Wolfhart
Her Ladyship Elizabetha Foscari inspires The Honorable Captain Timothy the Just
Her Ladyship Honor von Atzinger inspires Sir Cedric Adolphus
Lady Norelle of Scolairi inspires Sir Ixtilixichitl de los Indios
Lady Ann Mulligan inspires Master Tonis von Driele
Lady Michaela Botticelli inspires Baron Niall Milscothach
Lady Rowen Hen Enaid inspires Sor Ustad the Dreaded
Lady Heither Iriswif inspires Sir Iri Lutrsson
Lady Neassa O’Cathasaigh inspires Sir Wigthegn the Younger


Day Schedule

Friday, October 19, 2018
10 am to 4 pm: STAFF ONLY site set up. Volunteers may choose a shift at this link: http://signup.com/go/TMMFWwN
Volunteers: please visit the Gate before taking up your duty station.

12 noon to 4:  General set up begins. Merchants may set up at this time; please pay Gate staff prior to setting up.

Saturday, October 20, 2018
Site Opens: 8 am
Please follow signage/Traffic Staff instructions for parking. COMBATANTS: you have an exclusive unloading zone. Traffic Staff will direct you. Please let them know if you’re a Tournament Combatant.

8:00-09:00 – Armor inspections and lists open for warm-up

10:00 – Set up for procession

10:30 – Morning court with procession

About 11:30 – Crown Tournament.
Begins after procession

12:00 – 1:00 Lunch

Immediately following Crown Tournament:

Princess’s Tea. Chivalry meeting 1 hour after Crown Tournament ends. Royal Peers meeting immediately after Chivalry meeting.

3:00-4:00 Minister of Arts and Sciences Training Class  Máistreacht Una Wynifreed Berry [Cafè]
Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences
How to report, finding display or competition venues; encourage A&S in your group, things to do to encourage A&S during an event, resources, and Society-wide A&S news. Attendance is required for all Ministers of Arts and Sciences, but anyone may attend. Feel free to bring computers with you.

5:45 – Evening Court

Feast begins following Court

9 pm – Site closes to guests

10 pm – All SCA must be off site.

TRM would like all other activities to cease upon the start of Crown Tournament Combat. They would like the day’s focus to be on the honorable contestants and their consorts.
The schedule will be updated as information becomes available. Please bookmark this page and check back often!


Day Camps

Combatant day camps ONLY in Green, please.

Populace area in Mozelle. Please be considerate of space in Mozelle if you set up a day camp.

Seating (bleachers, folding chairs) provided in Green for all activities. Please be considerate of those with mobility issues, and make lower ranks of bleachers available if needed.

Disabled guests may use their own chairs near the list, and we ask that consideration for mobility limited guests be made in the first few rows of bleachers for those who may not have chairs or alternative seating.

Please maintain clear paths for combatants
to get to and from the lists.

Between activities, the populace is invited to adjourn to Mozelle so staff may set Green for the next activity.

Green Merchant Building: Crown Tournament, Feast, Court, combatant day camps.

Mozelle: Merchants, restrooms, coffee bar, populace area, other activities as announced.


Directions to the Event Site

From I-71 N going north.
Take exit 176 to US-30 E in Mifflin Township.
Turn left on OH-603 N.
Turn right on US-42 N.
Use the left lane to take Claremont Ave exit (towards Ashland).
Site on the left: 2042 Claremont Ave, Ashland OH 44805.

From US-30 going east.
Exit onto US-42 (Ashland Rd) towards Ashland).
Use the left lane to take Claremont Ave exit (towards Ashland).
Site on the left: 2042 Claremont Ave, Ashland OH 44805.

From I-71 N going south.
Take exit 186 to US-250 (E Main St) toward Ashland.
Turn left on US-42 W.
Turn right on S Baney Rd (be in right lane).
Turn Right on Claremont Ave.
Site on the left: 2042 Claremont Ave, Ashland OH 44805.

From US-250 E / (60) going south.
Turn right on Stoney Creek Rd [1136].
Turn right on Wells Rd [1186].
Turn left on S Baney Rd [1152].
Turn left on Claremont Ave
Site on the left: 2042 Claremont Ave, Ashland OH 44805.


Event Staff

THL Kira Kojirou Tokiakira (known as Akira)
Mike Johnson   mdjohnson2112@gmail.com  330-524-2248
THL Raffaello Bartolomeo d’Bologna mordalf@hotmail.com

Local Marshal
John the Ox, Baron of Brendoken
John Pience   jpience@yahoo.com

Gate Steward
THL Kira Kojirou Tokiakira (known as Akira)
Mike Johnson   mdjohnson2112@gmail.com  330-524-2248

Feast Steward
Gwyenth Banfhidhler, OL
Ginny Beatty  ginbeatty@gmail.com

Hall Manager/Servers Coordinator
Lord John of Three Towers

Gate Staff
THL Kira Kojirou Tokiakira (known as Tetsuo Akira)
Mike Johnson   mdjohnson2112@gmail.com  330-524-2248

Evangeline Hayes

Royal Liaison
Katarina Peregrine, OP
Karen Ferguson Johnson  katperegrine@gmail.com

Head Retainer:
Lady Seonaid inghean Ghriogair
Yvonne Zimmer  northoaken.chatelaine@midrealm.org

Equestrian Marshal
Abigail Santorine

Merchant Coordinator
(Crystal Stokes)

Traffic/Parking Coordinator 
Uilleag Balbhán

Public Works Coordinator
Giles fitz Alan, OL
Curtis Conrad  gilesfitzalan@frontier.com

Master Giles fitz Alan is NOT on Facebook. Please EMAIL him with inquiries: gilesfitzalanATfrontierDOTcom.



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