Feast Menu

Feast Menu: A Magyar-inspired meal
in honor of Their Majesties

First course
Lángos – Fried bread with toppings (V)
Garlic Butter
Sour cream
Fruit sauce
Uborkasálata – Marinated cucumbers (GF, V)
Tyúkhúsleves – chicken soup w vegetables (GF)
Vegetarian Option: Vegetable Soup (V, GF)

Second course
Natúr szelet – Pork cutlets with mushroom gravy
Dinsztelt vörös káposzta – braised red cabbage (GF, V)
Tarhonya – barley shaped egg noodles (V)
Vegetarian/Gluten Free Option: Mushroom casserole (V, GF)

Meggyleves – cold cherry soup (a special request by Queen Bella) (GF, V)

V= Vegetarian
GF=Gluten Free