We have some amazing merchants who will be at Crown, so take a break from the action and come see what they have to offer. If you would like to become a merchant, contact  Lucia Keferin (Crystal Stokes)

Be Sure to Visit the Following Merchants

Burning Embers

Beautifully crafted items from wood including cutting boards of different kinds of wood, bowls turned from wood, as well as double-ended seam rippers and turned rolling pins.

Not So Ugly Duckling

Periodly posh beaded jewelry, paternosters and other accessories inspired by period artwork and artifacts.

Scandalously Discount Trim

Selling trim grand enough for noblemen at prices even a pitiful peasant can afford. Offering trims from 50 cents to $2 per yard. No better trim prices can be found anywhere in the Known Worlde!

The Mad Hatter

Purveyor of head wear of many styles (hats, hoods, caps, and other items), feast-gear sets complete in their own basket, various period games, arrow quivers and whatever else can be made of recycled materials.

UnCommon Clay

Featuring exquisite handmade pottery. They also carry other items such as raw alpaca fleece and fur pelts.

Elfled’s Emporium and Consignment Shop

Selling jewelry, things for feast gear, garb, bags, trim, and patterns for garb. Great option to pick up basics for new members!

Spotted Sheep Farm

Icelandic fiber (raw wool and roving), sheep’s milk
fudge, and bargain yarn.