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The roar of the crowd is drowned out only by the thunder of swords meeting shields. You look around and see the brightly colored banners waving in the wind. Underneath a pavilion, the Queen looks on with intensity, looking for her liege, her hands wringing with anticipation. Her ladies in waiting attend to her every need. Behind them, a small feast is spread out with fresh fruits, bread, tarts, and other fine pastries.

One by one, men fall. Finally, it is down to two small groups. In one group is the King and a few of his guards, but they are greatly outnumbered. Can they do it? Can they overcome their foes to become the victor? Who will be the last to fall? The crowd roars with excitement shouting, “Draco Invictus! Hoobah!” as the King and his guards even the score one by one. There will be tales to tell of this day around the campfires tonight.

No, you did not step onto the movie set of a Medieval action adventure. You are at an event of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Welcome to our humble home on the internet.

Video Credit: Raiya Corsiglia https://www.sca.org/

Who We Are

We are an organization that is all about learning about the history of the Middle Ages and Renaisance, but unlike a Renaissance Fair, our organization is not about just watching and reading about the Middle Ages, we are about learning by doing and hands-on activities. We recreate the Middle Ages from 600 A.D. through 1650 A.D. You will find people who like to study the Vikings, Romans, Saxons, Normans, Italian Renaissance, Tudor Period, Elizabethan, and many other time periods and cultures.

In our society, you will find people doing brewing, metalwork, calligraphy, woodworking, spinning, weaving, and dancing. We have events where we love to show off our research and participate in contests, competitions, and yes…armored combat. If they did it back then, you will find someone in our society doing it just as they did. In our organization, we have people from all walks of life and interests. We have activities the entire family will enjoy. Check out some of what we do.

The Marche of Three Towers is the Mansfield, Ohio area chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism, a non-profit (501c) organization dedicated to researching and recreating life in the Middle Ages. The SCA has approximately 30,000 members worldwide who are history buffs, just like you.

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