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Current Officers

BadgeOfficeSociety Name (Real Name)Contact
SeneschalSeneschal (President)Lucia Keyferin (Crystal Stokes)
New to the SCAChatelaine (Incharge of helping new people)Rafaello Bartolomeo Bologna (Michael Stokes)
Treasurer ExchequerExchequer (Treasurer)Evangeline du la Rochelle (Evangeline Hayes)
Pursuivant Herald Pursuivant (Herald)Lucia Keyferin (Crystal Stokes)
Office of Armored CombatKnight Marshal (Oversees armored combat)Peter Engelke (Paul Engelke)
Rapier Combat OfficerRapier Marshal (Oversees rapier fighting)Rafaello Bartolomeo Bologna (Michael Stokes)
Arts and SciencesMinister of Arts and Sciences (Oversees noncombat activities)Mistress Lea Gardyner (Ginger Patterson)
Webminister OfficeWebministerMistress Lea Gardyner (Ginger Patterson)
Social Media OfficerSocial Media OfficerMistress Lea Gardyner (Ginger Patterson)

Updated January 6, 2021

Anno Societatus LV (55)